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Completing the Picture Ellen Mcarthur Foundation

Article explaining how circular economy can reduce emissions


Achieving Circularity Ellen Mcarthur Foundation

Independent report on establishing a zero-waste circular plastic economy in norway


Case study: Sony packaging redesign Sony

Redesigned for the planet, Sonys new packaging reduces plastic use by 90% by developing their own proprietary fiber material.


Can a city act like a forest? Planet Progress

Interview with open source biomaterial library Materiom


The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth University of Texas

Classic academic essay that introduced the concept of “spaceship earth”


Circular claims fall flat again Greenpeace

The state of circular plastics in the US, and why it is failing


Upstream Innovation Ellen Mcarthur Foundation

Examples and best practices in reducing harm in packaging


Deep dive into our Plastic Ocean Mepex

Informative field report on sources of ocean plastic pollution on norway


Reshaping Plastics Systemiq

The European plastic industry’s take on the path to circular, climate neutral plastics system in Europe.


Future-Proofing Capitalism: The Paradox of the Circular Economy for Plastics MIT

MIT Researcher Alice Mah argues that the circular economy is a way for the current hegemonies to maintain their power and keep doing business-as-usual. We recommend just reading the abstract and conclusion.


Why Algae Could be the Plastic of the Future YouTube

PopSci informative and entertaining take on the use of Algae as a plastic alternative.


Sustainability in packaging: Global regulatory development McKinsey

A comprehensive overview of global sustainable packaging regulations


Case study: Trades for Good Trades for Good

LA-based cosmetics startup is rethinking materials, using upcycled aluminium cans in a refill solution for soaps


We won’t save the world with a better kind of disposable plastic cup The Guardian

George Monbiot advocates to change the systems of consumption, not making small adjustments to keep the throwaway status quo