This website is a resource for sustainable packaging design, created by Oslo-based design studio Goods

We believe that a positive future requires a collective effort, and have built this open-source framework to share and document our insights with all designers that value ethics and aesthetics within packaging design. It’s the resource we wish we had when we started, and one that values facts and science over myths and subjectivity.

Our vision for a more sustainable consumer goods industry is best achieved as a community, and we hope sharing our knowledge will help elevate the status quo. That’s why this site will always be a work in progress, and we welcome your input and feedback. Please do reach out to our team with comments, adjustments, additions, or wishes.

Huge credits to the community and all the sites that have inspired us to create this tool: Organic Basics Low ImpactNike Circular DesignLumi PropertiesLow Tech MagGuacamole Airplane's Supplier GuideWasteNot↗ & A Better Source↗ .

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